Ang kahulugan ng buhay ay nasa mga maliliit na bagay... yung mga sa tingin natin walang kwenta minsan bumubulaga nalang sa atin bigla, napakahalaga pala... Eto ang mga kawalang kwentahan ng buhay ko...tingnan niyo... malay niyo... mabulaga kayo...

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  • Thursday, November 11, 2004


    Time, why do I have so much of this time
    Overflowing from my day
    That slowly harshly ticks away

    Breathe, tell your mind just what to do and heed
    Flying colors, bursts of light
    Seize the day all through the night

    That's when, I realize what I've forgotten
    Look away all focus gone and..

    Drunken sobriety
    Looking for some ground beneath my feet
    Everything spinning out to space
    Oh, it's plain to see
    All is done, you're all I need
    Coz you put all the color back in me

    Sit, think of how to make all this fit
    On and on and out and in
    And over and over again